UBL Revamps Visibility Reporting

28. December 2011

Today UBL announces an update to its reporting capabilities. Enhanced Visibility Reporting is now offered to all clients who purchase our Essential, Premium, and Professional packages. All qualifying clients will receive one Visibility Report upon signup and one followup report four months later. All clients who renew their qualifying UBL package will receive one additional report.

UBL Visibility Reports offer valuable insight into your online listings. We gather together as many online listings for your business as we can find, and rank them according to the relative prominence of each site from an SEO perspective. At four months, the followup report demonstrates changes in your online visibility, including growth that can be attributed to the distribution of your business profile by UBL.

Online citations -- listings containing your business contact information, especially on prominent, trusted sites -- are known to be important drivers of prominence in consumer search. The importance of citations is unchanged, as documented by local search experts, even after the July 2011 update to Google Places that removed citations from display on Places pages. We at UBL recognize the importance of citations and our core services help to create quality listings for your business across the internet. With the addition of our new Visibility Report, customers now have access to these citations and are further empowered to take control of their online presence.

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